Terms of Use

Read entire Terms and Conditions of the website thoroughly and follow it before using this online portal. In case you do not meet the criteria or you are not ready to accept the enlisted terms & conditions, you may leave the website anytime. It is important to know that Social Chatlines or any of its listed business associates want to bring any changes or want to modify anything in the Terms and Conditions mentioned, they can free to take this decision. Therefore, to keep yourself updated, it is recommended to visit this page frequently as you have to stick out to the updated terms of use of the website.


Be it used logos, headings, shape, labels or combination of anything else that has already been published in the website except or otherwise noticed are either owned or are used license by Social Chatlines or its business partner mentioned on the website. Its use in any kind on the website is strictly restricted except the one that is mentioned in the Terms and Conditions. You are not allowed to modify or sell the website content, restricted to reproduce, display or make it content public for distribution. Use of content for a commercial purpose is not permitted unless written permission from the company is granted.


A. Security Rules

Visitors reaching the website are requested not to violate the security of the website. They must keep below-mentioned limitation in the mind:

  • Accessing data that is not meant for users or logging into account or server that is not for users.
  • Scanning, testing or probing digital device or system vulnerability or breach authenticity measures or any other kind of security measures that is nowhere related to user are strictly restricted.
  • Never share or send any unsolicited emails that are related to the promotions of services and products.

Violation of network or system security in anyways can lead to criminal liability and Social Chatlines or its partner have complete right to perform investigation about the suspected activities undertaken.

B. General Rules

Visitors of Social Chatlines who desire to distribute, transform, destroy or store any material from the website are not allowed to use it because of the following listed reasons:

  • It will violate the trade secret, copyright, trademark or any other intellectual property rights of others and even infringe others’ privacy.
  • It could motivate or constitute conduct that could be considered as a criminal offense or may violate any applied regulation or laws.
  • Prevent material’s spread that is libelous, obscene, hateful, libelous, abusive, pornographic, defamatory or profane.


The users of the Social Chatlines should be ready to indemnify, not cause any harm and should not arise any objection to the company, its directors, agents, officers and employees against any type of claim, demand or action, loss or damage, liability whatsoever resulting from the use of terms of Social Chatlines.


  • Users agrees that neither Social Chatlines nor any of it’s business associated, employee, officers or directors shall be responsible for any incidental, direct, indirect, consequential or exemplary damage that may have resulted from use or inability to use service or procurement cost to substitute services.
  • In addition, it will not be responsible for anything resulting from any data or goods or services availed or purchased by means of received transactions that came to the notice via service or any other unauthorized access or alteration of transmission of users’ data or anything else resulting from any other source that is related to service. This may include although not limited to damages for loss and or use of data, etc, even if Social Chatlines has been well- advised of the consequences of such types of damages.
  • User agrees that Social Chatlines shall not be liable to any liability to anyone or user for the conduct or statements made by the third party of the service. In no event shall total liability of the company to the user for any losses or damages and cause of action is more than the amount paid by the user to Social Chatlines if anything related to the cause of the action.
  • User agrees that Social Chatlines shall be responsible for any kind of damages or losses that occurs from the suspension, interruption or termination of service including either direct and/or indirect or occurrence of any exemplary damages.


In no cases shall Company or its associated partner mentioned in the website will take liability of any damages whatsoever including incidental and consequential damages, damage to system hardware, loss of data information) resulting from the usage or incapability to use the Website or its material no matter even if it is based on the warranty, tort, contract or any other legal theory and whether or not, such companies were advised of the possibility of such indemnity.