Romantic Vs Friendly Hug: Know The Gap By Lesbian Chat Line Team

romantic Lesbian hug

Are you in a confused state of mind that whether it is a romantic hug or a friendly hug? How would you get to know the difference between the two? Well, hugs are usually a simple act of closeness between two people, whether they are friends or even if they are in a phone dating relationship. But as a matter of fact, they both can easily be misconstrued or even be misinterpreted if you are not fully careful about it. So, here is how to decipher the difference between a romantic hug and a friendly hug with expert pieces of advice from a reliable Lesbian chat line.

Hugs are usually termed as an exchange of affection between two romantic people. Well, it can even be between families as well as in close friends. But is a hug simply a hug, or is there something special in it? Surely, you have had different hugs in your life but, when we talk about a romantic hug, it is different than what your best friend may give you. A huge difference between these embraces may not at all appear as large but with time, you will realize.

Let Experts Of Lavender Line Chat Line Help You Differentiate A Romantic And Friendly Hug

Here, below experienced professionals will elaborate properly on the basic differences between romantic, and a friendly hug. Let us dive deep into this matter:

1. Physical gestures

Remember, it is always important to respect the personal space that you share between you and your partner, or even between friends. A friendly and a romantic hug can be differentiated if we look at the physical gestures. Well, these gestures are quite different for different people in various relationships. But at the same time, they are not that much difficult to feel unless you focus on it closely.

Well, one of the most fundamental differences that you can see between romantic and friendly hugs is by watching the hand movements and wrapped arms around the body. By this, professionals mean that if you greet a friend after a long time, you may shake hands and hug for a shorter time. But, if you are meeting your romantic partner after your phone chats, it will usually be a full body hug and will last longer.

2. Time of hug

Here, cuddling during a hug will always be between children, parents as well as in romantic partners. This type of hug may last longer than you will see in a normal friendly hug. Well, romantic partners will often cuddle for a long time when they have met their significant other after their conversations. Hugging for a long time is a clear sign of a romantic hug.

3. Direction of hug

The type of hug that does not involve any movement of hands and arms, but simply facing and embracing the person cheek to cheek, is a friendly hug. But, when a person approaches their partner from behind and puts the arm on their back, it’s a sign of a passionate hug. In fact, a hug between Lesbian couples has a deeper fondness, friendship as well as intimacy.

So, these are the main differences listed by a team of experts of the Lavender Line phone chat line to help differentiate between a romantic as well as a friendly hug.

So, Do You Now Feel The Difference Between A Romantic And A Friendly Hug?

The main point here in this blog post is that even if you do not notice these particular signs of a romantic hug vs a friendly hug, there will still be a difference that you can feel. You must remember that it is not just the act of the hug that helps you realize the difference, but the feelings that a hug will give you.