Privacy Policy

As per Information Technology Act, 2000, the Privacy Policy is often defined as an e-record that is documented as e-contract that includes rules besides with the amended provisions that are co-related to the electronic document in various statutes. There is no need for any computerized or physical signature on the Privacy Policy.

It is a lawfully restricting report among you and the Social Chatline and the terms referenced in this privacy policy will be compelling on your acknowledgment of the equivalent by same when you click on “I Accept” tab or essentially by the utilization of the site and will oversee the connections among you and the Social Chatline for your utilization of the site Social Chatline.

Privacy Policy is distributed and encircled precisely in agreement to the IT arrangements guidelines, for example, security practices and methodology also with the most sensitive data under IT Act, 2000. This Act requires distributing the Privacy Policy for accumulation, use, stockpiling and moving of delicate individual information or data.

It is imperative to go through the privacy policy with utmost care because on utilizing the site you show that you comprehend and consent to utilize this site. Offering your data to us or utilizing the offices rendered by the site, you give your consent to the storage, collection, preparing and moving of any or all your own just as non-individual data by Social Chatline as mentioned under this Privacy Policy. The site clients further are aware and agree that transferring, using, storing their data will not make any misfortune or improper gain to them or some other individual.

User Information

Users who wish to get benefits from chatline service through our site are required to give different data to the enlistment procedure. Data, for example, name, age, sex, your occupation, PIN code, debit or credit card information, email address, sexual orientation, medical records if any, bio-metric data, password, interests and other relevant data. All such data or information provided by users help us in increasing the site and serve them with exceptionally easy to understand the experience.

The required information is based on the service and the user information stated above may be useful for protecting, maintaining and improving services and also finding new services. This information is believed to be non-sensitive as it is effectively and openly accessible & available in the public domain or it is given under the Right to Information Act, 2005 or some other law until further notice in power.


Cookies or any other equivalent electronic instruments might be utilized by our site to gather data or to appoint each visitor with an exceptional random number as a client ID to comprehend their enthusiasm through the distinguished digital device or computer.

The site has no chance to get of recognizing a user regardless of whether they allow a cookie to their PC except if a user uncovers their area of interest themselves. The cookie contains just those individual data, which is given by a visitor, as a cookie can’t peruse information from your hard drive. Our advertisers may allocate their cookies to your program just in case you click on their promotions. It is a procedure in which we don’t have any control.

Also, Social Chatline web servers naturally gather data about the system’ web connection such as IP address when you visit the website. The IP address is often defined as a number that lets PC appended to the web where to send information like the pages you see. This information is utilized to convey the mentioned site pages to you, to make the site according to the client’s area of interest and to draw traffic inside our site and let advertisers know their geographic areas from where the visitors are coming.

Links to the Other Sites

The privacy policy explained here unveils our top privacy practices that are valid only for our websites and not for any other. Links to different websites are given on our site, which is outside our ability to control and we do not take any responsibility for the utilization of such sites.

Information Sharing

It is important to note that sharing the most sensitive and personal data to any of the third party with no prior user’s consent will take place only under the below explained circumstances:

i)  When it is mentioned or legally necessary or by any government office or court or specialist to unveil for the character verification or the discovery, examination and avoidance of the cyber cases or the punishment and prosecution of offenses. The disclosures are made with well intention and conviction that these are vital for authorizing these terms and for consenting to the applicable regulations and laws.

ii) Such data are generally shared within the organizations with officials and representatives of the corporate/organizations for the handling of individual data for their benefit. Social Chatlines guarantees that the organizations getting such data consents to process such data as per our directions and in consistence with this privacy policy and with other well-suited secret and safety efforts.

Information Security

To ensure unauthorized access, disclosure or destruction of data, alteration, optimum safety efforts are taken by us. Our safety efforts incorporate inside audits of information accumulation, handling practices and safety efforts including such as encryption and physical safety efforts to protect against unapproved access to the system where individual information is stored in a safe mode.

Undoubtedly, information collected on our site is safely and securely stored in our database, which is put away on servers behind a firewall. The access of server is secured with a secret password and is carefully constrained. Regardless of how viable the safety efforts are nevertheless no security system is invulnerable. The database security isn’t ensured nor the data given by you because there is an opportunity of information getting captured while being sent over the Internet. Any data or information that you post in the discussion column is accessible to anybody having Internet connectivity.

With the continuous development of the internet, we keep our system updated. Due to these reasons, there are possibilities that our privacy policy may change once in a while to implement required changes. It is important to note that any information utilized by us will consistently be steady with the policy under which the data gathered, irrespective of the new policy.

Grievance Redressal

The protest, misuse or concerns identified with content or remark or failure of these terms will be quickly notified to the assigned grievance official as referenced stated as a hard copy or through email marked with the electronic signature to Social Chatline Grievance Officer.