Just How Late Is Your Phone Date? Lavender Line Explains The Fact!

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No doubt that arriving late to your first date, or a second, or even on your third date, is a complete no-no. Yes , there more people like you who constantly keep checking their phone and watching the minutes pass by. Here are a few strong consulting guides to help you judge the severity of your partner’s misdemeanour. Let us have a quick look on below points.

Arriving 5 Minutes Late

Arriving late to your date depends on various situations, and not always should be considered your partner’s fault. Maybe they are finding it hard to search the restaurant, maybe they are super nervous to interact with you directly, while pacing up and down the street outside. Another reason may be their heart is beating fast as your partner is finding the most suitable way to greet you in this special meeting. So, this is the real reason of being late in arriving at date, then must forgive such a tender soul.

15 Minutes Late To A Date Meeting

Most probably, your partner has just got stuck in an unexpected phone call or in an urgent meeting of her office, or may be she is just attending an important call. On the funnier side of it, you will come across a few people for whom a minute can last a little longer than sixty seconds, and a few moments become a quarter of an hour very easily. According to the team of experts from Lavender Line Phone Chat Line , for these human being, they are known for their creative sorts, and they believe that there are other important things in life to focus on than the arbitrary notion of punctuality.

25 Minutes Late Arrival To Date

It’s really not at all a sane thing to leave you look like a loner who is waiting for their partner to come. However, when you are ordering your second nervous drink, at the same time, try not to jump to those harsh conclusions too soon. Well, think about the situation where twenty-five minutes isn’t really that long to wait, because may be your date is travelling via public transport; and yes there may be delays or maybe they have stuck in those hectic situations. There may be other serious situations, like what if your woman is held up saving a baby from a burning building! Quite possible, right?

All the above situations are definitely possible, but there are a few more things that need to be given a close thought about. So, ask yourself a few questions below:

  • Did your partner send you a courteous message to let you know about why they are running late?
  • Once they have arrive, is she puffed out and apologizing profusely? “
  • Or was she wandering here and there in a search of your meeting place?

These are a few prominent questions as suggested by Lesbian chat line number experts, that you really want to have answered by your lesbian partner to know that exact reason of being late. Ask yourself first before you start judging her, whether they were worth waiting for, and if they were, you will know soon enough about the exact reason.