A Few Smart Ideas By GuySpy Voice Team To Talk About With Your Guy

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If you have ever wondered, about what to talk with your boyfriend to help you become closer, here are a few amazing ideas to make those conversation more engaging and realistic between you two. While others may be struggling to find ways in making each others’ conversation more interesting, GuySpy Voice team brings you amazing ideas to break those awkward silence and find a common ground of conversation. Apply these below tricks and make those conversations engaging to experience.

Below Are Top Ideas To Talk With Your Guy

Breaking those icy moments during the first interaction

So, the hardest of conversations are sometimes those which will help you get to know more about each others’ interest. Your regular stuffs may seem easy, and you both can have a good conversation on that too. Engage yourself in discussing about sports, the recent video games, shared interests, as well as those which will keep your conversation random. Below are a few list of them, and how to get to that exact dating conversation rules:

  • Ask each other about weekend plans
  • You may ask each other about the most favorite day of the week
  • Ask them is Friday their favourite day for them because the next day is weekend?

Well, these are a few amazing questions listed by a team of GuySpy Voice chat line numbers , to ask each other in a gay phone dating relationship, and make your interaction the most happening as well as memorable to enjoy by both of you.

Share interest about each other

Asking each others’ about mutual interests, is one of the best ways to break those icy silence , and make the interaction worth sharing between you two. Below is a list penned down by a team of experts to engage in a conversation about each others’ shared interest. Exchange a quick messages with each other and make those conversations worth experiencing.

  • Ask each other about favorite movies which you both would love to watch?
  • Name that most scariest movie that you both have never seen before?
  • Name each others’ favorite actor/ actress?
  • What type of favorite ride you both would love to share with each other? “ Disneyland or Disney world”?
  • Name the best hero: “Harry Potter, Percy Jackson or Edward Cullen?”
  • Discuss the most funnest place which you both have ever been to?”
  • Discuss about each others’ vacation”
  • One of the favorite cuisines which you both would love to explore together to make interaction more romantic between you guys?
  • Asking questions about whether your partner would love to cook?
  • Discuss about each others’ hobbies, or free time pass or any other activity that makes your day feel relaxed?

At Last, What Really Matters?

According to the experts from Gay Phone Chat Lines , notice how you actually feel when you are talking to your gay partner, because this is one of the most important things that will break the ice between you two. You can ask each other about whether you are energized or excited or bored or even distracted while having those romantic gay dating conversations? Here the main thing is not only to find the deepest things about each other, but also you both will get to know more about your gay dating partner. Start talking and enjoying each others’ company by sparking those genuine chats with your gay partner.