Flirty or Serious? 10 Ways to Know Feelings of a Guy at Singles Chat Line

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If you’ve got your eyes on a guy but is unable to figure out if he’s serious with you or flirting, the best thing is to check prominent signs. If you are dating a guy via the most trusted Livelinks chat line number, you need to walk through a few facts to get to the bottom of this! Read further to know whether he is the Mr. Right, or just Mr. Nice?

10 Dead Giveaways to Tell if He is Flirting or a Serious to Date You

If there is a question that makes you wonder whether he is taking things in a fancy mood or is serious, there are 10 ways to help you decipher the fact:

1 Is He Finding Excuses to Connect and Touch you In-Person?

Some of these signals are really obvious to know about a guy who you had been dating for quite a long time about his feelings. If your guy is holding a hug for a super long time or brushes your shoulder or touches you, he’s into you. After having conversations for quite a long time, he may smile and make eye contact with his woman whenever meeting in the real world.

2 Check if He Too is Passionate about you?

To check whether he is totally into you or just in a flirty mood, try to put an obscure interest of yours in front of him, and see the response. If he is not into you then, definitely he won’t reflect your excitement. At the same time, when a guy is interested, he’ll ask a bunch of questions or say something like, this is what always he had been interested in.

3 Keep an Eye on How He Treats you than other Girls

If he’s nicer to you then he can show this behavior to everyone. However, when he shows extra care towards you and is going out of his way, this is a special feeling for you.

4 Does He Mentions about his Singlehood

So, you have been talking to your local Singles phone chat line partner for quite a long time, and he is constantly mentioning there is no romantically thought going one, this signifies that he is interested in you. To be honest, he is not flirting with you at all.

5 If He Leans towards You in an In-Person Meeting

If your knees and his touch accidentally, check if he leans towards you or pull himself away? If he is touching you then this shows the guy is into you completely.

6 Check the Nature of his Questions

When a guy asks you questions related to some serious things, this means that he is interested to date you even if it is via a new chat line for Singles dating.

7 Check His Attention in an In-Person Meeting

When you both decide to meet and date in-person, and talking to him, simply check out the way he is engaged in talking.

8 Does he Cares about his Reactions?

When a man is seeking a girls’ attention to approve things with her permission, this is a huge sign of genuine interest and not a flirting.

9 He Contacts you Frequently

One of the most important things about a guy when he really likes a girl is that he will think of one or the other way to come into her contact no matter what.

10 Loses a Track of Time

In this hyperconnected world we all are busy, and time is restricted. But at the same time, when he has the slightest concern about the time when you’re together, this is a great sign of genuine interest. This can even be applied when you are talking endlessly over the local Singles chat line.


No one better tells the difference between flirting and being serious than the one who is truly involved with his guy. To be honest, you have to be sensitive to the slightest details because then only you will be able to judge about his true feeling for you.