5 Funny Ways to Annoy Men at Gay Chat Lines Free Trial Number

tips by Gay chat line to be funny while talking

You are definitely lucky to find a guy of your dreams. Dating someone who is a perfect gentle man when it comes to romantic relationships, is a nice feeling. Yes, he is the one who always cares for you and think how to make you happy as a Gay phone chat line partner. But, maybe there are times you too would love to make him happy.  For this, one of the best things is to know how to annoy him in funny ways while still being romantically involved.

Though there are no issues in your relationship but at the same time, there is a feeling that your bond is turning monotonous for a while. So, the question here is how to add humor in your monotonous romantic relationship. Have you ever given it a thought? Being playful towards your partner especially when you are dating a guy via a Gay chat lines free trial number, it infuses fun in the attachment. With this attitude, it will always add instant spark in your romantic connection, especially when it has turned mundane for some time now. Parallelly, it is all like encouraging you to get his attention faster if somewhere it is lost between the two of you.

Creative Ways to Irritate Your Guy at Interactive Male Phone Number

So, are you dating a guy who is super calm, a bit shy by nature, and is composed? Are you among those men who is wondering why your partner never gets annoyed even by those silly tantrums? Well, if this is your case, read out some of the amazing as well as fun ways to annoy him but in a romantic way.

1. Interrupt Him when He is Reading Newspaper

You will find majority of men who are just crazy about staying updated, and therefore, they are fond of reading newspapers, especially during morning hours. Below are a few most ingenious tricks to annoy him in a funny ways:

  • Snatch the newspaper all of a sudden and try to hide it somewhere in an isolated place.
  • You can even sit on his lap and ask him something different that is not related anywhere.

2. Draw His Face Randomly

Here is another great way to annoy him romantically where you can simply draw his face and show him about this art of yours. This is the best way to add humor and more fun in your monotonous relationship as it will also help you irritate your partner in the most romantic way. Rather than always talking via Interactive Male phone number, this is one of the best ways to annoy your boy but also in a romantic way.

3. Keep Him Waiting for Your Call the Next Day

One of the most annoying parts of men in a dating relationship is that they take time to reply back to their partner or else he will sometimes forget to respond completely. So, why don’t you try to give him a taste of his own behavior and make sure it should be done in a polite manner? If you have promised to call him the next time, this is when you can annoy him but in a funny way.

What you have to do here is that not to call him as said by you in a defined time. This is in fact the craziest way to make him go mad about not calling him because guys hate it when their partner do not respond or even they keep them waiting for a long time. In fact, this will be a bonus point of adding extra fun to your relationship but make sure you are polite towards him.

4. Convey Him that “there are Guys who are Flirting with You”

Here is another best way to make him feel irritated and even annoy him in a romantic way by conveying that other guys are trying to flirt with you. This is in fact, one of the bankable pranks to make him go crazy on you during conversations at the Gay chat lines free trial phone number.

An important note: Make sure you are doing this prank only when you know that your partner trusts you enough not to react in a negative way. Your motive here is simply to annoy him and add fun in a monotonous relationship.

5. Do or Communicate Things which He Dislikes the Most

You can try to make your guy listen to those things which he dislikes the most. Try to talk about the same movie again and again so that he gets annoyed during conversations to some extent. Another best tip is to repeat his sentences when you two are conversing at the Interactive Male chat line number. Do remember that guys hate repeating same things day after day, so yes, this can be a great idea to annoy him.

The moment you are thinking how to annoy your partner, always remember that there is a fine line between hurting and just kidding in a sarcastic way. Make sure, you do not cross your limits that can take things in a different direction. Being playful with your man but in the form of annoying is always a great idea to add spark in your mundane romance of dating bond. Always ensure that you have read the room about his behavior before indulging in these kinds of funny acts.

Good Types of Humor to Keep a Track at

There are many types of humor which people can exchange but when it comes to a romantic relationship, it can be summarized into categories. Here are a few of them to look at the good nature humorous conversations at Gay chat lines free trial:

This will be a type of humor or you can try a trick to annoy your male partner that will bring the two of you closer. When either of you is doing such humor, neither of you will get offended while making the relationship even more exciting.

A1) The Practical Humor

Here, you will start laughing at each other’s silly conversations while there is no harm in such an interaction. Such a humorous way to annoy your partner will depend on the mood that will make it engaging during conversations.

A2) Childish Humorous Nature

The one who does childish humor is basically a symbol of silliness and is not that much harmful. So, as long as you both are enjoying such interaction, conversations are fine to continue.

A3) Situational Humor

This is a kind of humorous nature when talking at the Gay chat lines free trial phone number is created randomly. It will help you ease your dating relationship.

Key Tips to Manage Conflicts when Annoying a Guy in Humorous Ways!

To be in a conflicting situation with your partner during humorous nature, sometimes, it may create hurdles during conversations. So here, the way you are able to manage conflicts will define the strength of your romantic relationship. Engaging in humor and annoying your guy in a romantic way is by making it free from hurtful conversations while defusing conflicts. Below are the top facts:

  • Make sure that you both are completely into jokes.
  • Try not to use your humorous nature to cover up emotions.
  • Make yourself smart enough to diffuse any kind of conflicts if it arises.
  • It is important to tap your playful side.